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"Health, beauty and happiness come from within.' Firmly believing in the age-old adage, ROOTS AND ABOVE strives to bring about overall physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We offer a wide gamut of essential oils, cosmetic products and toiletries, made of 100% natural plant extracts. We provide guarantee of absolute purity for all our products. Manufactured in state-of-the-art facility, they are environment and skin-friendly.


The overwhelming aroma and therapeutic properties of our products provide unmatched olfactory and curative benefits. We use the fragrant herbs of plants, roots and flowers to formulate amazing scents.


We are so close to nature, we make sure you too feel it with our completely safe and eco-friendly personal care range. Imbibing the practices of the ancient medical science, they are designed to offer great skin and body revitalization.


All products of Roots and Above are in the purest form; completely natural and unadulterated. Our products contain verified ingredients from organically grown botanicals, which are meticulously extracted and processed.


Filling the world with nature's gifts to mankind

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About Us

Our story, how we have grown.

  • 2009-2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Roots and Above is owned by Nackeo Products, run under the aegis of its parent company - Kapoor Aromatics. Since 1982, we are one of the leading traders and manufacturers of essential oils, perfumery compounds and chemicals, based out of Delhi.

  • March 2011

    Expansive Experience

    In all these years, we have developed and served an impressive clientele of the industry. We have earned a long standing acknowledgement for always confirming with the highest quality of products and transparency in our work dealings.

  • December 2013

    Journey of Transition

    After creating moving strides in trading of aromatics and oils, we started research on end consumer product development. With the assistance of trained Ayurvedic physicians, we sought ways to bring nature in our daily life and rituals.

  • July 2015

    Roots and Above was Born

    Taking a leap forward, we floated the brand in 2015 that offers a host of natural beauty and health care range. Within the ambit of aromatherapy, we provide non-invasive yet all-encompassing solutions for great physical and mental well-being.

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